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Emotion Code

Throughout our lifetime, emotions (in the form of energy) get trapped in various parts of our bodies, causing illness, pain, disease, and other similar anomalies.   As we release that stagnant energy (or detox), we begin to identify the root cause of disease and dissolve difficulties and begin to experience freedom from aches and pains, stiffness, and inflammation, just to name a few.  We think with more clarity; we feel more empowered; we feel much better about ourselves and ultimately, we have more energy.


Recent scientific studies have surfaced on how emotions sabotage everything from simple success to kidney failure.  The physical body falls apart because we emotionally fall apart. When we don't care for the whole self, the physical body simply mirrors those effects. Over the course of a lifetime, emotions like fear, hopelessness, anger and confusion take their toll on the body. Repressed anger diminishes the activities of the liver, causing it to harden. Hopelessness and despair play havoc with the gall bladder. Long-standing negative emotional beliefs deteriorate the entire physical body. For true, and long-lasting healing to take effect we must look at all the systems: emotional, mental and physical and from a holistic approach, the spiritual.


It is the spiritual body that actually does the healing, once we have strengthened the physical body and changed and released emotional issues.  Strengthening the physical body is the key to healing the other bodies.  Mental patterns, like worry, also weaken the body, and a constant string of looping words (I'm never going to get better, I'm always sick, I'm sick again, etc.) that exhaust the physical body.  Wellness of the entire being through holistic health is a whole-body approach. This method is also apparent in Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic and many other alternative therapies.


Through the use of Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing) I access your subconscious mind, find the trapped emotions and release them. This allows the energy to flow more freely and it helps your body to begin to heal itself.


Please remember your children and pets (dogs, cats, horses), they may also have trapped emotions and imbalances which cause them to experience physical or emotional distress.


Schedule a session if you are ready to start the healing process. Contact me by email if you need help but money is a concern, we can come to an arrangement to achieve your desired results.

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